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We’re delighted that you’re considering Coachella Party for your next event. To ensure a meaningful and productive partnership, we kindly request your attention to a few important points:
Genuine Intent: Our intake form is designed to cater to individuals who are genuinely interested in exploring a partnership with us. We believe in building connections with those who see the value in our services.
Prioritizing Conversations: While the form is a crucial initial step, we highly encourage you to prioritize a phone conversation with us. Direct conversations allow us to understand your needs comprehensively and provide tailored guidance.
Quality over Quantity: We value quality interactions over quantity.

Before proceeding, take a moment to consider if Coachella Party is the right fit for your requirements. By thoughtfully considering these points, you help us ensure that every interaction is meaningful, efficient, and valuable for both parties involved. Thank you for taking the first step with Coachella Party. Your interest is greatly appreciated, and we’re excited about the possibilities ahead. While you’re here, why not imagine the fantastic moments we could create together at your next event? We’re eager to be a part of your journey in making memories.

Looking forward to the future,
The Coachella Party Team

For all other inquiries you can send an email to or text/call 760-808-5280.